A look at the future of our platform

December 26, 2021

Community, Commerce, Interactivity

We're ready to present an early look at our new platform that combines the best parts of livestreaming, gaming, and community into a fully integrated experience.

Audience Engagement Visualized

We’ve created proprietary development tools that allow our team to create interactive digital worlds that the audience can visit and take part in a live experience. Because of this, each performance feels fresh as the audience has a direct impact on the final result of the show. Up until this past month, our shows have been limited to live interactions through a livestream, but now with the integration of our cloud tech, we've been able to take your immersion to the next level. Enter a fully virtual world that you can play in with your friends while experiencing a live event. Set off fireworks, chat with others, and even drive around with your friends in tow.

Accessibility is key

Throughout our journey, we discovered that an overwhelming amount of our audience tuned in on mobile and Mac devices, and we immediately knew that accessibility was going to be a priority. By utilizing cloud servers, the level of detail we could add to our experiences were almost limitless and we could provide it to our viewers on any device with the click of a button. All integrated in a browser experience. (Mobile development and desktop versions for entering the world are still in development, but proof of concept has been established).

A new way to support artists

When Future Fest pivoted to the virtual events space early in 2020, most artists were interested in hosting virtual events but the money required to have one made no financial sense. It became apparent that there needed to a big shift in mindset to be able to support artists and creatives. That's why we've made it easy for artists to sell their physical merch, and take a cut of all digital merch, consumable interactions, and even NFT drops.

The Future

Our platform is constantly evolving with new features on the horizon. We're excited for you to build the future with us!