Catalyst Proposals

Future Fest is an all-in-one virtual events platform that builds shared experiences for the music community.

We are a Web 3.0 events management business that coordinates parties and corporate events for tech startups and blockchain organizations.

Snapbrillia is an inclusive hiring system that creates fair opportunities and empowers your teams to hire the best people faster regardless of who they are.

Ada Anvil provides advanced tools and solutions for Web 3 projects. We offer world-class multi sig-minting, staking, claims, websites and more!

Experience the future of cycling on web2/web3, with a gamified ride2earn experience.

Spreading positivity and love through Cardano spaces and the Twitterverse.

SoundRig is THE place to experience exclusive music by artists you know and love, and those you are yet to discover!

Imani Group offers a wide range of strategic advisory services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business.

Shelters on the Block uses blockchain technology to enhance the world of charity and philanthropy.

EMURGO is a blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, companies & government.

A Music NFT Distribution Company: Bringing  Art, Music, Fashion and Ownership together on the Cardano Blockchain.

Our News Team covers weekly drops, events, and more. Tune in for real news and real nonsense - all about Cardano NFTs.

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